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51st State Roadmaps

APPA's Roadmap to the 51st State
Submitted by: American Public Power Association
Rates, Responsibility and Reliability in the 51st State
Submitted by: Arizona Public Service Company
Integrating Solar DG into the 21st Century Electric Utility.
Submitted by: Black & Veatch Sponsored by Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SMECO)
Author: H. Edwin Overcast
Sustainable Business and Regulatory Model: Transactive Energy
Submitted by: Baker Street Publishing and TeMIx, Inc.
Authors: Stephen M. Barrager, Ph.D. and Edward G. Cazalet, Ph.D.
Transformation to the 51st State: Incorporating New Technologies and Achieving New Goals
Author: Andrew Bray
"The Fit Grid" — Principles for a better electric future
Author: Bruce Nordman
The Consumer-Centric Utility Future
Submitted By: The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
A Roadmap to a Sustainable Energy Future
Submitted by: PSEG
Leveraging the Natural Advantages of the Electric Utility
Scott Madden,Inc
Authors: Chris Vlahoplus, John Pang and Paul Quinlan
The Consumer Driven Grid: A Roadmap
Submitted by: Siemens
The Highway Is Not the Destination: Notes from the 51st State Electric Regulatory Reform Task Force
Submitted by: Strategic Utility Management LLC
Author: Ed Regan, PE
Reducing CO2 with electrification, TOU rates
Submitted by: The Union of Concerned Scientists
Authors: Mike Jacobs and Julie McNamara
Vermont Solar Pathway: From a Developed to an Advanced Solar Economy
Submitted by: Vermont Energy Investment Corporation w/Regulatory Assistance Project
Authors: David Hill, Scudder Parker, Damon Lane, Frances Huessy and Carl Linvill
Accenture's Perspective on the Digitally Enabled Grid of the Future
Submitted by:
Accenture Management LLC
Authors: Jim Mazurek, Dave Shepheard, Justin Davidson, Bradford Crist, and Tyler Lancaster

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Submissions Addendums
Our proposal submitters have been hard at work revising their visions. You participation and input will help to refine these models and lead us to functional roadmaps that will benefit the electricity industry of the future.
SEPA’s 51st State Addendum
Educational discussion on the future of solar generation
Who should own and operate DER?
This is an addendum to: An Adaptive Approach to System Optimization
The 51st State of Welhuton
Addendum to: Market Structures for a Smarter, More Efficient Grid
The First 100% Solar Electric State
This is a free market approach to a 100% Solar Electric State
The Cooperative Distribution System
Addendum to: The 51st State A Cooperative Path to a Sustainable Future
Back in December the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) issued a challenge to re-imagine our energy future in a hypothetical 51st State with no existing regulations or market structures. SEPA received a range of submissions filled with thoughtful, innovative and very diverse ideas. We invite you to read and comment on them and participate in the discussion as we continue to build new energy visions for the 51st State.
An Adaptive Approach to Promote System Optimization
Author: Energy Innovation / America's Power Plan
Summary Full PDF
The Sharing Utility: Enabling and Rewarding Utility Performance...
Author: Pace Energy and Climate Center / NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Summary Full PDF
The 51st State of Welhuton: Market Structures for a Smarter, More Efficient Grid
Author: Stoel Rives LLP / Clean Power Finance
Summary Full PDF
A Blueprint for Electricity/Energy Services in Fertile Ground - the 51st State
Author: Graceful Systems LLC
Summary Full PDF
2040 SEPA Fact Finding Mission to the 51st State
Author: Strategic Utility Management LLC
Summary Full PDF
Dynamic Distribution System
Author: Wisconsin Energy Institute
Summary Full PDF
The 51st State: A Cooperative Path to a Sustainable Future
Author: National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
Summary Full PDF
APPA 51st State Proposal
Author: American Public Power Association
Summary Full PDF
Energy Democracy in the 51st State
Author: Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Summary Full PDF
SEPA's 51st State - Education Discussion on the Future of Solar Generation
Author: Arizona Public Service
Summary Full PDF
The First 100% Solar Electric State
Author: James A. White, P.E.
Summary Full PDF
The Decentralized Grid
Author: Ankit Saraf / Michael Jochum
Summary Full PDF
Transactive Energy: A Sustainable Business and Regulatory Model for Electricity
Author: Stephen Barrager, Ph.D., Baker Street Publishing and
Edward Cazalet, Ph.D., TeMix, Inc.
Summary Full PDF
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